Gonna Start a company? Never forgot to learn about these 5 Cost-Efficient advertising campaign done by the Top Brands of this Era. People recognize brands, Today we’re about to tell you the Greatest Marketing Campaigns done by the Top Reputed Companies Red Bull, DHL, Coca-Cola, Lifebuoy and Starbucks.

RedBull’s Campaign

We know that Red Bull gives us Wings. But in 1994, they needed some angels to give them wings in the streets of London. As the people on London chose Coke and Pepsi than any other soft drinks, Red Bull wanted to stamp their brand on London, So they came up with a Unique Cost-Efficient Campaign.

They started to look at the streets in London. At the time, they started noticing at the Trash Cans in the crowded areas. So they started refilling the trash can by the empty cans of Red Bull in one night.

On the next day, Miracle happened. People noticed that there were more number of Red Bull Cans in the Trash, so they started thinking that more number of people were drinking Red Bull. As it happens, they started buying Red Bull.

Ultimately Red Bull proved the famous slogan “Wealth From Waste” .

DHL’s Strategy

DHL stands for Dalsey Hillblom Lynn. It is a German logistic company providing international shipping and courier services. They wanted to show that the people , DHL is Faster than any other companies. So they planned a new way of advertising.

DHL packed a few 6 feet large courier products and covered it with Thermal Active Foil and sent it to the other courier companies.

Wait, why did they used Thermal Active Foil and sent it to the other companies? The answer is here.

They wrote a secret message on the Thermal Active Foil saying “DHL is Faster” and the kept the giant boxes into freezer, turning it as a cold substance. They send it to the other companies.

The other fellow companies thought it was the customers who sent out this huge boxes for delivery. So they handled it as a common product. While they set it out for Delivery to Receivers. The delivery guys had a little heart break.

They came to notice that it was a foil which melts while it absorbs Heat. And the message revealed “DHL is Faster”.

The delivery guys had no clue about it and they started lifting those giant boxes into the public. People noticed those boxes and got confused, Why the competition companies are delivering this message.

This Advertising campaign went Viral on Social media and DHL refused to accept that the boxes are their products.

Coke’s Masterplan

The Coca-Cola Company is a multinational beverage corporation which is famous for their marketing campaigns. On Valentine’s day while every company starts focusing on Couples and giving them free gifts, Coca-Cola came up with a campaign for Single people.

They chose two bus stops and set a Live casting on each bus stop. These devices shows the other bus stop to communicate with the people at the other end.

Many of the people starts calling out to some at the other bus stop and they chatted for some time. Some even started proposing to the other person. But when the bus arrives at one bus stop, They felt very bad for leaving that bus stop.

But that’s where the company played a trick, the two bus stops were closer to each other. So while the person on the one end boards on the bus and reaches the next stop to them. They were stunned to see the other person whom they chatted before, and while they’re building up their conversation. Coco-Cola gifts them an coke and said that “Coke opens Happiness”.

This Advertisement of coke went viral among single people.

Lifebuoy’s Creativity

Lifebuoy is a brand of soap marketed by Unilever, which is mostly used by people to wash their hands. But in initial stage, they struggled to convey the message to people. They noticed that, India is celebrating its one of the greatest festivals, “MAHA KUMBH MELA”. So they planned to make awareness among people about Lifebuoy.

There were almost 2000+ devotees attended the Kumbh Mela and they all had food that were offered for free. So they started thinking of giving brochures about the importance of washing hands before meal.

But people will throw away the brochures, when food arrives. So they thought of a creative idea involving the food being provided there for free.

Lifebuoy made a deal to prepare Chapathi (An Indian Dish) for all the visitors. They provided chapathi’s with a hot seal on that, which said “Did you wash your hands before tasting food?” .

This made people realize who didn’t wash their hands to wash their hands, using the soap lifebuoy set up on all of the restrooms in the Maha Kumbh Mela.

This Advertisement campaign created the hygiene awareness among people.

StarBucks Smart Error

Starbucks Corporation is an American multinational chain of coffeehouses and roastery reserves headquartered in Seattle, Washington. They made a no-budget campaign which skyrocketed their sales.

They are famous for their coffee and people would share their pictures in social media while drinking coffee in starbucks.

One day, they asked their customers to tell their name and starbucks offered them a cup of coffee written their name on the cup.

Looks Simple, isn’t it? Here, they made a move, which is, they misspelled their customers name on their cup.

Customers were shocked to see that their name was missing some letters. So they started thrashing starbucks by posting their coffee cup along with starbucks logo.

But Starbucks didn’t make errors casually, they already planned to write the names leaving few letters making them incorrect.

While the customers shared the error occured by starbucks, they didn’t realize that they were promoting the company with free of cost.

Starbucks achieved a huge number of sales, by making these smart errors.