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Suggestions for betterment of website : Internshala Application

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  1. A navigation bar could have been used for the home screen, it would give it a neat view, and the UX of the website could be better.
  2. Instead of a drop down for each navigation bar item, just a small insight of the content could be provided with a maximum of 2 words.
  3. A special carousel could be used to display the highlights of the week, important/ hot topics such as cryptocurrency etc.
  4. The cards that have been used for the display are not aligned well, these could be aligned in a more grid organized way, and could be deployed with two navigation bars at either ends, this would enhance the structure and tidiness of the website.
  5. The pane for contact, search and subscribe should’ve been placed at the right hand corner of the page, the padding and spacing between these elements should be made clear, clicking on either of the options holds a chance of choosing the wrong option, hence decreasing User Experience. 
  6. The search option is represented with only a small icon, this should be changed and a small bar should be made visible, so the user is able to quickly figure out these significant options.
  7. The social media handles could’ve been placed in the top left corner with a better font and icons, the current alignment of these drifts away the website from a typical grid view layout.
  8. The logo could’ve been made of an increased size, to contrast with the logo, the colors of the website could’ve been chosen. The various color palettes could be explored for the same.
  9. The typography of the website does not stand well, the font families are inappropriately chosen, while the font weights and heights have not been adjusted.
  10. The spacing of the content in the cards, also throughout the website, fonts could be used to signify importance at varying levels, appropriate distance between mean and baseline could be appreciated.
  11. The colors for the headings of each color does not form any contrast with the background color, this causes the user to not notice the heading, and leads to ignorance and a bad user experience. 
  12. The next page at the end could’ve been made bold and more noticeable.
  13. The recent posts, tag cloud and about me, could’ve been aligned well. Also the tags could be positioned on the main homepage on one of the sides making it more accessible and noticeable as an option.
  14. A varying animation effect of CSS/ Bootstrap/ JavaScript could have been used for the selection of navigation bar items, instead of the underlining one. The original item is underlined while the user might also be allowed to select another option.
  15. The pages are taking quite some time to load, here the elevator pitch plays a major role. Users are not usually wanting to wait for a longer time and hence may leave the website even before exploring it.
  16. The comments section could've been developed, alignment issues should be taken care of, only the top comments should be displayed.
  17. “Leave a reply” box could’ve been made height/width adjustable, also causing better space utilization. On each page, repetition of tags at the side and at the end is not required, this is making the application seem to be inefficient and unattractive to some users.
  18. Usage of tags is beautifully used, it directly takes you to the desired page, these tags could be arranged using data analysis of mostly visited/ searched pages by the user. 
  19. Instead of adding the pages of digital marketing, email marketing,cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence in the navigation bar, they could have been implemented better in a form of dashboard or different navigation methodologies, this would also make the application look cleaner.
  20. The highlights of the company should be clearly, boldly mentioned on the home page to attract attention of users.


Additional points for better UI-UX:

  1. Taking care of Doherty Threshold, which is the maximum perceived time a user can wait (<400ms), usage of animations while doing this could provide a better visual effect to the user. This could be a splash screen/ loading of the logo/ slide in animation etc. Usage of progress bars can make the delay better, some developers cause this action purposefully.
  2. The icons and logos/ other selectable items should be made large enough for easy touching, the small selectables might cause issues and lead to frustration and bad user experience.
  3. To make the navigation to the website easier, an automated navigation explorer could be used, this would give a better user experience, this could work complementary to a process bar which tells you the amount of exploration that has been covered.
  4. UI from the very widely used websites could be duplicated, this would cause a sense of familiarity within the users and grab more attention.
  5. In terms of design enhanceability, the various objects and texts could be provided with a visual effect, like drop/inner shadows to provide more attention.
  6. Grouping of the objects could be done more efficiently, the items of cryptocurrency could be put up in a grid-fashioned card for navigation while of artificial intelligence be done in a similar fashion but below or above it. 
  7. It is noticed majorly that items with same color palettes are perceived similarly, change in background colors, depending on a particular color palette could be used to define items under one domain.
  8. A separate page for AI, cryptocurrency, email marketing and digital marketing could be made, this would not make it monotonous and still capture user’s attention.
  9. The usage of advertisements on the page can be seen quite often, people tend to remember things which were noticed differently, hence this concept could be used to decide a corner/ side placement of ads.
  10. Placing the most important items at the beginning and at the end tend to be remembered, this could be used for the memorization of important topics or posts.
  11. Content on the cards could be better displayed in sentences, like a brief overview than with incomplete data.
  12. The verifications are not in place, email and ids were not verified and might compromise on the security. 
  13. The website is responsive.

A clean, simple example of homepage is attached below.