In this blog, you will be knowing about sponsorship and tips for getting sponsored on Instagram. Also in a bonus you will know how to make money out of it.

What Is a Sponsor?

A sponsor can refer to a range of individuals or entities that support the goals and objectives of some other individual or organization. Sponsors, for instance, invest in private companies, create demand for publicly traded securities, underwrite mutual fund shares for public offerings, issue exchange-traded funds (ETFs), or offer platforms for benefits, and so on. Sponsors may also lend their name and reputation to influence the adoption of a movement, platform, or brand for benefits.

A sponsor can provide a wide range of services and support within the financial industry.

For example, startup companies are commonly sponsored through investors known as angel investors. Startups will then try to build a diverse group of investors who can help advise the company and help it grow in a way that includes individuals, venture capital (VC) firms, private equity (PE) firms, and corporations.

What is a sponsored post on Instagram?

A sponsored post is an advertising option Instagram offers businesses that want to promote their products and services on their platform. While you can create numerous types of advertisements in Instagram’s ads manager, many marketers start by using sponsored posts because this option allows them to simply pay to promote an organic post that already exists on their page. An organic post refers to a published post that a company hasn’t paid for on Instagram.

Sponsored on Instagram

Reasons to sponsor posts on Instagram

The main reason marketers sponsor posts on Instagram is to reach new customers by promoting specific products or services. Sponsored posts are a great tool to help businesses increase their sales and continue to grow. Some other reasons you may choose to sponsor a post on Instagram include to:

1. Increase brand awareness

2. Gain new followers

3. Increase post engagement

4. Drive more website traffic

5. Increase revenue

6. Improve your return on investment (ROI)

2 types of sponsored posts on Instagram

While there are several types of ads you can use to promote your products and services on Instagram, there are two primary types of sponsored posts available. Here are the most popular types of sponsored posts:

1. Paid promotional posts

Brands use these types of sponsored posts to promote pre-existing organic posts by paying to increase their audience reach and engagement. These posts look similar to other types of Instagram ads you may see in the main feed of this platform. The primary difference is that a paid promotional post starts as an organic post, whereas marketers create other types of advertisements in Instagram’s ads manager with the sole purpose of using them for marketing. These posts also tend to look and feel more authentic than other types of Instagram advertisements.

2. Brand-sponsored posts

Companies may also use brand-sponsored posts if they want to pay an influencer to post about their products or services on their behalf. An influencer is a social media user that has a large Instagram following and excellent engagement. By paying influencers to post about your brand, you can reach their followers and increase the likelihood that they may purchase your products or services.

Tips for getting Instagram sponsors

Let’s take a look at these top tips for scoring Instagram marketing sponsorships. 

1. Determine what content you want to post

Before you start receiving any Instagram ad sponsorships, you will need to define your social media brand. Ask yourself the following questions: 

1. Who is your target audience? 

2. What content do you want to focus on?

3. What is your Instagram profile aesthetic or theme? 

A successful influencer always has a distinguishable and unique profile theme that is recognizable when scrolling. Sponsored video posts should also be created with the same vibe and aesthetic. Your particular theme can also show brands who your target audience is and how well you would showcase their brand. 

2. Post consistently on Instagram

Instagram influencers post twice a week to their profiles at the least. The more you post, the higher chance your profile has to be seen. Influencers batch create Instagram content to avoid forgetting to post. Take a look at your personal Instagram account’s insights. Determine what days are the most popular for views and likes, and which content has the most engagement, and let it guide your content strategy in the future. 

3. Create a video resume or video portfolio

Brands are being sent thousands of emails daily and receiving twice as many Instagram direct messages. Stand out from your competitors by creating an eye-catching video resume or video portfolio instead. Showcase your personality, how you can promote their brand, and what you have to offer. Include a showreel of statistics and target audience, your followers, viewer, and like count. You should also think about removing ghost followers as they can affect your Instagram account’s credibility.

4. Determine your Instagram rates

Brands want quick and easy-to-read email responses. When they’re offering you a deal or asking for your social media rates, have a rates portfolio ready to send. Bundle examples of your existing sponsored content, what you will offer, and any video and image content packages you can offer them. Be clear about the commission and what’s in it for you. Especially if it’s affiliate marketing. Your goal is to form a long-term relationship with the brand, not just make a one-time payment. 

5. Make your Instagram account accessible to brands

If a brand likes the look of your profile and feels you’re the right influencer to represent their brand, they’ll need an easy way to contact you directly. Add your business email address in every social media description and bio. You can even link your business email address to your Instagram profile with a direct email button. 

6. Make yourself visible to brands

One of the best ways to score a potential Instagram ad sponsorship is to create video content without being asked. Video marketing like review videos, Instagram Stories, and tagging the brand in existing content will give your Instagram account a better chance of being noticed. If the brand sees the dedication you’re putting in and you genuinely like their products, they’re more likely to repost your content on their Instagram page, and may even gift you their new collections in the future. It’s free advertising for brands to be recognized. 

7. Keep up to date with Instagram updates

To be an Instagram influencer, you must stay relevant and on-trend. Make sure your video content is diverse and use all of Instagram’s features. You can even repurpose your Instagram Reel content and post the video on YouTube Shorts to generate more reach and impressions. 

8. Seek brand approvals and accept feedback

Brands usually have a specific features list or a script they would like you to include in their sponsored video. Once you have created your sponsored video, save your video in a low-resolution draft form or share via a link with Clip champ’s free online video editor to the brand. Accept any constructive feedback they give you. Communication is key. 

9. Be friendly and respectful

Last but not least, let’s talk about manners. When working with brands, it is vital for you to not miss any deadlines, don’t be stubborn or pushy, and especially always be committed. The brand will treat you with respect, honesty, and loyalty, so you must match their expectations. Make sure to read and clarify the brief before you start creating any video content to avoid miscommunications. 

10. Sign up with a PR agency (if you want)

Most aspiring Instagram influencers don’t have time to send thousands of emails a day approaching potential sponsorships. Instead, an influencer marketing agency saves you valuable time and finds leads for you. They can even help with structuring the sponsored video content with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs).

Q1. How much does a sponsored video post cost?

Every influencer sets their rates based on how large or small their following is. If you have 100-500k followers, the average rate is between USD $500-$5 per post. If you have over 1 million followers, the average cost of an Instagram post is over $10k. 

Q2. Do sponsors have to include a discount code for influencers to share?

No. You don’t have to give influencers a discount code to offer their followers. Discount codes do entice followers to purchase from your brand, so it’s completely up to you. 

Getting sponsored on Instagram isn’t easy. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and perseverance. But if you use our helpful Instagram marketing tips, your hard work won’t go unnoticed. 

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