Being a student and working to make money to handle own expenses and demands is a difficult task. Because, Studying is a full time occupation.

But no worries due to the presence of part-time jobs in the markets made it easy for the students to work according to their own free time period and study as well.


A student reaches at a stage where they want to buy different things of their choices and visit their favorite places as well. These things happens mostly with teenagers and students. They come to an age where they looks around various different things that they like and love to do. But due to not having sufficient money or belonging to a family with low income, it becomes difficult for them to fulfil their wishes and starts searching for a job or work where they can make their own money and handle their own expenses.

There are various ways online as well as offline which provides opportunities to work either full-time or part-time.


1. Sales person

One of the best idea is to sell insurances point to point i.e., door to door. In this work a person is assigned to sale a particular number of insurance by going door to door of the town/city. The person have to request and make them interested in buying the insurance. Also to fit perfect in this job, a person must know how to urge people to surely do that work.

A salesperson explaining all the benefits or profits.

2. Online Applications

Internet is a platform where people can work part time as well as full time and be paid on the basis of their work.

Many trusting companies provides internship along with job options in many of the software applications listed below. Some of the different and assured online platforms are mentioned below.

  • Internshala
  • Jobs For Her
  • Careers Up
  • Apna Job
  • Naukri dot com and many more.

The above applications provides Freelancing and helps students to earn online.

This is an ad of Internshala promoting work from home on a higher level.

Categories in which a student can apply on the basis of their interest and skills. Some of the types of jobs available on online platform are:

3. Teaching Online

Based on the level of information you have and how much you are capable of sharing knowledge, as a student you can teach online and get paid on the basis of hours or subject. This is also best for student as by sharing your knowledge you will be able to know your level and further you can learn more.

Some of the platforms which helps in this field are Chegg, Byju, Khan academy, Vedantu and many more.

” Teaching is a profession where you educate and learn too. “

4. Starting a YouTube channel

Some students are good at travelling and exploring things and places, whereas some are good at gaming, also in editing lyrical music and videos. So by creating your own channel and posting these contents can help you to earn money as well as gain popularity.

While going through the videos on YouTube you may get to know about different types of contents. Contents may be a roasting videos, funny, foodie, cooking, fashion, exploring places and many more like this.

You can go through this link for beginners guide.

5. Become Instagram Influencer

Social Media Influencing is also another way of making money for students. Some students may like fashion and try new and unique foods, are good at poses and also like to being on social media then he/she can start Instagram influencing and post content uniquely.

You may create funny reels, posing ideas, chemical experiments(with all safety equipment) and also the skill which makes you unique from others.

make money with ig

For more details you may go through this link below:

Some points to keep in mind

  • Firstly research about the company and then go with the respective jobs. In addition, check every details about the company, skills required and how much time taking it is.
  • Talk to the employers politely while interview. Beside this You must not sound rude otherwise you may get rejected. Moreover use soft voice during the conversation.
  • Before doing any task or work assigned to you, you must do a research on the topic. Furthermore, the content must not be a copied one.
  • Beware of the fraud employers who asks for money at the beginning.
  • While creating contents on YouTube and Instagram you must not copy any content posted on other channels. This may degrade your hard work and people will less visit to your account.
  • Lastly, you must be paid according to your skills and your hard work, so don’t hesitate while asking your own part.